Laurel Jordan Swift

Rooted in Community, Committed to Progress

Laurel Jordan Swift, a San Antonio native and a proven leader, brings over two decades of experience and a heartfelt dedication to the betterment of District 121. Her campaign is focused on enhancing public education, expanding healthcare, and fostering unity and respect.

A Legacy of Service and Resilience in District 121

Laurel Jordan Swift, deeply rooted in the District 121 community for over seven decades, is a San Antonio native and a testament to resilience and dedication. Her extensive background in biology and medical sales, combined with personal experiences in healthcare advocacy and raising a successful family, shapes her commitment to public education and mental health reform. Her campaign reflects a deep understanding of the community’s needs, positioning her as a passionate candidate dedicated to fostering positive change in District 121.

Shaping a Brighter Future for District 121

Medicaid Expansion

Advancing Comprehensive Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act allows states to expand Medicaid to more low income families, funded almost entirely by federal dollars. While our income taxes have helped  40 states adopt this plan, Texas refuses to do so. Expanding Medicaid would cover over a million low-income Texans, with federal funding, and require less of our property tax dollars to subsidize our local hospitals. Texans’ federal taxes help other states; it’s time Texans benefit too from Medicaid expansion. 

School Funding vs Vouchers

Championing Quality Public Education

Public schools are the cornerstone of a the majority of our kids’ education. We must resist efforts to divert funds to private and home schooling, which lack accountability. Texas needs to boost state funding for public schools, reduce reliance on local taxes, and ensure competitive pay for teachers. By nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and supporting trade education through partnerships and apprenticeships, we can prepare students for various paths post-high school.Well educated kids are the key to prosperity in Texas.

Abortion and Women's Health

Building a Supportive Environment for Texas Families

Texas, known for its commitment to freedom, recently restricted a key liberty: a woman’s right to choose regarding pregnancy. In no other situation can the government require a citizen to sacrifice their bodily autonomy to preserve the life of another. No one can be required to donate a kidney, or a part of a liver or even blood to save someone else’s life. In my own early pregnancy experience, I was reliant on family support, and most don’t have those resources. Texas must better support young parents and children and repeal the abortion laws recently passed in our state.

Texas Border

Prioritizing Comprehensive Border Policies in Texas

Texas is on the frontlines of the border debate. This issue has long demanded federal action. State leaders must work with the federal government for effective border solutions, rather than engage in partisan disputes. We should  not subsidize the federal government with state tax dollars. We should require our leaders in the US Congress to address these issues at the federal level. Congress must enact a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration bill, covering border security, immigration court expansion, annual quotas, and plans for current residents. A multifaceted approach, beyond just physical barriers, is needed. Texans shouldn’t shoulder the national border’s financial responsibility. We need our elected officials to compromise and create beneficial solutions.